The Journey

12 Jan

I met Kendal at LAX airport at noon (overly prepared as usual) and as always it was delayed, first 30 mins…then another 30 mins until we finally reach Frankfurt, Germany over an hour late. Kendal went from a Kardashian to Snookie in  a matter of 12 hours. Of course after sprinting twenty minutes to our gate and going through security AGAIN (it wasn’t fun enough the first time, and of course I was chosen as the dangerous one who needs the pat down), we got to our gate to find that they and already given up our seats. From there it was a mess of booking and rebooking us onto different flights and waitlists. To make the best of it we got into the German spirit and grabbed a beer with our friend Paige while waiting to (hopefully) get a spot on the next flight out. We met a couple other girls from Colorado who are studying abroad in Italy through another, homestay program. Of course we missed that flight so now we are flying to Rome and then to Florence. Not exactly the fun Italian dinner and first night out that we imagined, but we are almost there!!!


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