Just The Beginning

16 Jan

Hi Everyone! I am having so much fun in Italy! I am getting along really well with all of my roommates (Amanda, Hadas, Courtney, Cassie, Kendal) and have been hanging out a lot with some new girls who also go to CU. We have seen a lot of the city at this point, it is so much smaller than it seemed at first!  I went running along the river in Florence to the other side of the bridge with some friends and it was an beautiful view. We walked back over there today and checked out a market where locals were buying cheese and sauces. We have tried some amazing restaurants and tried everything from cannoles at El Gato to pear gelato at Grom. We have been hearing about an amazing panini shop with 2 euro sandwiches and wine on the street I can’t wait to check out tomorrow! Everything we have tried is amazing! I am attempting to speak some Italian but mostly just confusing people by speaking a weird version of Spanish because I get so confused between the similar words. We finally found a “supermarket” and had an interesting experience trying to cook for ourselves for the first time let alone in a foreign country haha. After adjusting to all the late night lifestyle and figuring out how to get around here in Italy we are all excited to start class tomorrow and meet everyone else in out program!



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