First Week!

20 Jan









View from the Ponte Vecchio




















This week has been so fun in Italy! Since classed started Monday, we are finally getting a chance to explore the city. I am in History of the Medici, The Italian Mafia, Italian and Living in Italy. My Italian teacher is so nice and even though I am horrible and can’t stop speaking Spanish I love it! All of my classes are really interesting and convenient considering we barely have any class : ) We met a new friend across the street from school at a caffe! He laughs at our Italian as we try and order, but he lets us try free cookies! Their coffees are tinyy, but I am loving the cappachinos. Most people stand in the caffe to enjoy their drink and take a break from work, but they do let you get them to go. The waiter told us if we want to sound like locals, order “Happachinos”. The picture above is right next to our classrooms, it is so crazy going to school somewhere so beautiful and in the middle of the city!


One Response to “First Week!”

  1. Jenny P January 23, 2011 at 10:48 pm #

    hey tini, have a great time!!!!

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