Out in Florence!

20 Jan

The going out scene in Florence is super fun! People eat dinner really late (between 9-11) and then head to the bars. We originally thought they drank wine all night, but apparently it is a no-no to drink wine after dinner. We have been to a few so far and a lot of them are a lot of Americans (which isn’t shocking with thousands of study abroad students just arriving), but we are going to keep checking different ones out around the city. The Red Garter is a fun American sports bar kind of place close to our apartment. They have beer bong and karaoke some nights. We have also tried a bar called slowly. It had an older crowd, but more locals which was fun for a more low key night. I have heard Lion’s Fountain and the Irish Pub are also really fun places I’m excited to try. After the bars everyone usually heads to the clubs or “Discotecas” around one am. Some places have a cover charge of 8-10 euro, and sometimes they give you a drink card that if you lose you have to pay about 50 euro so DON’T lose it. Some of the fun clubs we have been to are twice, YAB, twenty one and Full Up. There is another club called Space that we had heard a lot of people LOVE, but we were not fans. It is expensive and creepy (about one girl to every 9 pushy Italian man) and HUGE (two story dance floors) which made it a little overwhelming. There is an interesting concept around here of club promoters. These promoters hang out with American girls and get them bottle service and free entrance to all the clubs to get them to go. As you probably thinking Great! A free night out!, but it also can get extremely weird. Luckily the city is not too big and we are able to walk basically everywhere we want to go at night and we usually see people we recognize, so far it has been super fun!






3 Responses to “Out in Florence!”

  1. captain abel January 20, 2011 at 7:02 pm #

    I thought you were studying

  2. Jenny P January 22, 2011 at 5:30 pm #

    Hey Tini, What an amazing time for you! Your Dad gave us the website and you look gorgeous. Firenze suits you. One of Danielles favorite spots is San Miniato al Monte. Chanting Monks @ 5pm. Check it out. Take Care Honey, Love, Jenny and Dr. P

  3. Barbara January 28, 2011 at 6:14 am #

    You mist be having too much fun to show us your Sicily pics!

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