Trattoria Mario

10 Feb

Our Living in Italy teacher had been giving us restaurants and sight seeing tips for all over Florence. One restaurant he was raving about it called Trattoria Mario. Today after hiking the Duomo, a few of my friends and I went to check it out. Before going you should definitely be prepared for a very unamericanized meal! As we walked in it was packed with local Italians, and make sure you check out the menu on the wall because that is the only time you get to see it! Everyone working there was super friendly and willing to help us, we even made friends with the Italians sitting next to us! But there aren’t many options of meals, so if you are a picky eater hopefully you come on a good day because the menu changes according to what is at the nearby market. And don’t even ask for steak cooked any more than rare, they even have a sign telling you it is only served rare! I tried the traditional Ribollita Soup, but my friends accidentally ordered the deer meat pasta (ah!). But it all ended up being really good! The craziest part of the whole restaurant is the bathroom, girls I would say pee before you come because it the toilet looks more like a shower haha. If you are looking to get into the Italian culture I say definitely visit this trattoria!

the bathroom?


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