When in Rome…

10 Feb











The Spanish Steps










The Vatican








Treve Foutain

















Roman Ruins









The Coloseum


We went to Rome last weekend with our school and it was a short, but great trip! We stayed at a nice hotel and I roomed with two of my friends Paige and Kendal. Luckily we had our teachers with us as tour guides because in two days we were able to see the Pantheon, the Coloseum, the Treve Fountain and the Vatican! I had been to the Vatican once before, but every time I go it is so crazy to me! The The Treve fountain was also beautiful to see, we were told to go there at night but ran out of time. After dinner that night it started to pour rain and trying to get a Taxi was crazy! There was a taxi line, but once a car pulled up it turned into a free for all with Italians yelling and fighting each other to get inside. I loved visiting Rome, but unless you love the city I would definitely recommend studying in Florence. It was really fun getting to travel with everyone in our program and get to know them better while seeing all the best of Rome!



One Response to “When in Rome…”

  1. kevin February 10, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    very cool pics Teeny, especially the one of you with your hand out by the Trevi Fountain! love rome, glad you are having so much fun….make sure you save all the expensive stuff and dinners for when johnny belagio arrives! hugs, KK

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