14 Feb

This weekend I met a bunch of friends from Colorado in Paris for my friend Jaclyn’s 21st birthday! It was Kendal, Jaclyn, Chelsea, Whitney, Jacobi, Mallory and Kendal Simon who is studying in Paris. It was so fun to see Kendal studying abroad and meeting her friends there, all were very trendy! To go out at night everyone has to be very dressed up and wearing heels, much different than in Florence. We stayed at a hostel called Square Caulaincourt. It was a pretty good location and a nice hostel but verrryyy weird sharing a room with three strangers! We had one roommate form Germany, one from France and one from Argentina. There were not nearly as many college travelers staying at the hostel as I imagined, a lot of young European travelers and older workers. We got to Paris on Friday and visited the Eiffel Tower and walked around before going to dinner at Refuge de Fondue were they give you lots of fondue and wine in baby bottles! The waiter was so rude it was funny haha you know when he is shhing french people he had big issues with American college students. The next morning we woke up early and visited the Notre-Dame, Arc de Triumph, Luxembourg Gardens and the Lourve. We had amazing crepes and tried the french onion soup, french banquettes and french fries! I LOVED Paris, there is so much to see I am glad we are going back to see more!











Eiffel Tower






























Birthday Girl ICED!









Love Locked on Valentines Day!


One Response to “Bonjour!”

  1. Barbara February 16, 2011 at 9:43 pm #

    Loved locked, so creative!
    Can’t wait to play with you!!

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