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When you visit new cities around your area locals around the world would tell you specific places to visit, go out or restaurants to try. However, in Italy everything revolves around gelato. Whenever we tell our Living in Italy teacher we are going on a day trip outside of Florence he maps us out all the best gelato places to visit..thank god if we make it to a new town we won’t know what the heck we are looking at but at least we have a great ice cream in hand as we wonder. So in Florence we have tried too many gelaterias to count and have all decided on a favorite: Grom. They don’t have the allure of stacked ice creams enticing you from the window, but all of their flavors with no colorings or artificial flavors are AMAZING. My favorites are crema la grom and pera (pear), but if you are a true chocolate lover (Shannon ahem) you would die over the dark chocolate with chocolate chips. As excited as we were about this delicious treat, we soon learned there is a Grom in New York City. Very disappointing when we discovered our local treat was in reality a chain. So while we may be able to get great gelato even when we leave Italy, we are on a mission to find a new, truly local favorite mmmm


One Response to “GROM”

  1. Barbara February 26, 2011 at 4:22 am #

    MMM Can’t wait to try the chocolate. Need a change from Fro-yo!

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