Familia in Firenze!

28 Mar

Last week my dad, Deb, Uncle Mark and Aunt Debbie came to visit! I stayed with them in a beautiful house on the other side of the Arno river, so nice to be with family again! We went to a bunch of amazing dinners, but my favorites were Quatro Leone and Osteria San Spirtio. With parents in town, we even got to try all of the courses! They had a chance to meet all of my friends, see my apartment and check out my school in Piazza Republica. We took a tour of the city and got to walk through the Vasari Corridor, which was the corridor created by the Medici family to privately travel from the town hall to their palace and chapel. Thursday was not only Saint Patrick’s Day, but the celebration of the 150 years of the unification of Italy! We celebrated Italy by doing what Italians love.. wine tasting : ) On our way up we checked out a little town and saw a little ceremony over cappuccinos. On Friday, my family took Kendal, Chelsea, and I to Venice for the weekend! We saw glass blowing, took water taxis and saw some cute piazzas and churches around Venice. But my favorite thing we did was the gondola ride! Kendal, Chelsea and I took a romantic boat ride around the canals of Venice haha. On Sunday we headed back on the train to Florence, until dad, deb, mark and deb headed back to the US : (











Vasari Corridor!









Me and Daddy – O at Wine Tasting!











The Debs!









Water Taxi’s In Venice











Glass Work









Gondola Ride With Chels and Ken!


2 Responses to “Familia in Firenze!”

  1. kevin March 28, 2011 at 8:10 pm #

    love the picture of Bellagion checking his maps? can you also send one of your dad counting his money too? ha! great pics Teeny!

  2. captain abel March 28, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

    Christine, we had such a great time we you and your friends. Deb and I are now on diets due to the pasta and wine….but it was worth it.

    Love Dad

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