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Vespa Riding Through Tuscany…

24 Apr

Yesterday my friends and I went on a Vespa tour through Tuscany! We left in the morning from Florence and took a van up to a horse ranch in Tuscany. We had a quick lesson on how to drive a Vespa, aka a guide telling us how to start the scooter, and we were on our way! I was a little nervous at first, but it was actually really easy! Naturally I tipped in slow motion at a standstill trying to look a little better in my giant helmet, but of course pain took a backseat to embarrassment. Besides that minor mishap and one other girl crashing into a wall, we all made it through! We saw amazing villas and vineyards as we road through the Tuscan countryside. After our Vespa ride we all went to a lunch and wine tasting at a castle! All of the tour guides were hilarious and it was so exciting riding Vespas, it was one of our favorite days in Florence!

Opps I tipped…

Shane, Cassie, Kendal and I

Wine Tasting!

The Group


MTV in Italia!

24 Apr

Last week MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL) came to Florence! They held their annual awards show in front of the Santa Croce church. There were rumors of famous American artists like Lady Gaga coming, but of course there were only Italian artists. The Italians explained that the provocative outfits Lady Gaga wears would never be allowed in front of an Italian church by the Pope haha! We showed up to the show right as it was starting and it was PACKED, but nothing like how a free MTV performance would have been in the United States. There were only a few cops casually walking around, no pushing or yelling, and broken glass everywhere! Even though we didn’t understand most of the music it was such an amazing experience!

Mom Visits!

21 Apr

Last week my mom came to visit me in Florence! Knowing us, of course our trip was full of activities! We started with a cooking class making eggplant mili, gnocchi, chicken and tiramisu! While I loved everything we cooked, the tomato and basil gnocchi and the chicken with spicy peppers were AMAZING. Over the next couple of days we bargained at the Leather Market, stopped in ornate churches, watched the sun set from the Michelangelo Piazza, and visited some of my favorite gardens (Boboli and Bardini) to relax and enjoy the nice weather! One day we headed into Tuscany to go horseback riding, lunch at a castle, and wine tasting! I was a little nervous at first, but we had SO much fun and even got to meet some meet some local Italians! My mom got to meet all of my friends from school when we went to an amazing dinner at Golden View Open Bar. It has an American name so it throws tourist off making it popular with locals, but all of their seafood spaghetti was delicious and it had the best view of the Arno River! I had such a great time with my mom here, and now only 2 more weeks of Italy AHHH : (

Rolling the dough to make gnocchi

Dinner on the Arno

Wine Tasting

Mom’s Last Night : (


21 Apr

With finals coming up my friends and I have been on the search of a coffee study area with wifi, aka a Starbucks substitution. With Italians love for coffee, and most of the all the breaks accompanying the coffee, you would think there would be more coffee shops with room to just hang out. With Starbucks banned, there is only one lone place that welcomes people to grab a coffee and study: Astor Bar. It is a bar owned by an American that is always crowded with tourists drinking and dancing until all hours of the night, and then suddenly a coffee shop by day. While I normally try to stick to places a little more authentic, Chelsea, Annie and I were desperate to find a place to study other than our tiny apartments and gave in. We sat outside and it was actually really nice…until we see a local club promoter stroll in and sit next to us drinking his coffee out of MARTINI GLASS! Hahaha only in Florence.


11 Apr

Last weekend I flew to Barcelona, Spain with Kendal! We arrived in around four and grabbed Sangria and Tapas while waiting for our friend Whitney to get out of class. We walked into her apartment next to Sagrada Familia and were instantly jealous! Her apartment was super nice annddd they even have a housecleaner! Later that night we headed to dinner and met up with some more friends from Boulder (jaclyn and allie) at the club Opium. The clubs are huge and right on the beach! There was even a violinist and dancers performing on stage with the DJ! The next day we woke up and walked along the beach and grabbed lunch before heading to the HUGE outdoor market Las Ramblas. The next day we ate lunch along the water, in the daytime they turn all of the clubs into nice restaurants! We tried Paella and local tapas while people watching and enjoying the amazing weather along the water : ) Later that afternoon we went to Park Guell. It was crazy crowded but the view overlooking the city and the beautiful mosaic tiles made it well worth it! The next morning we said goodbye to Whitney after an amazing weekend and headed back to Florence!









































Chelsea’s Birthday Dinner

7 Apr

Last night we went to dinner to celebrate one of my best friends Chelsea’s birthday, she is turing 21 YAAA! On our walk across the bridge there was a beautiful sunset, then we ate outside at a delicious restaurant called Osteria San Spirito (one of our favorites)!  Today we had Italian class, walked around and grabbed panini outside and started packing for our next traveling adventure..ALMALFI COAST : )