21 Apr

With finals coming up my friends and I have been on the search of a coffee study area with wifi, aka a Starbucks substitution. With Italians love for coffee, and most of the all the breaks accompanying the coffee, you would think there would be more coffee shops with room to just hang out. With Starbucks banned, there is only one lone place that welcomes people to grab a coffee and study: Astor Bar. It is a bar owned by an American that is always crowded with tourists drinking and dancing until all hours of the night, and then suddenly a coffee shop by day. While I normally try to stick to places a little more authentic, Chelsea, Annie and I were desperate to find a place to study other than our tiny apartments and gave in. We sat outside and it was actually really nice…until we see a local club promoter stroll in and sit next to us drinking his coffee out of MARTINI GLASS! Hahaha only in Florence.


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