Vespa Riding Through Tuscany…

24 Apr

Yesterday my friends and I went on a Vespa tour through Tuscany! We left in the morning from Florence and took a van up to a horse ranch in Tuscany. We had a quick lesson on how to drive a Vespa, aka a guide telling us how to start the scooter, and we were on our way! I was a little nervous at first, but it was actually really easy! Naturally I tipped in slow motion at a standstill trying to look a little better in my giant helmet, but of course pain took a backseat to embarrassment. Besides that minor mishap and one other girl crashing into a wall, we all made it through! We saw amazing villas and vineyards as we road through the Tuscan countryside. After our Vespa ride we all went to a lunch and wine tasting at a castle! All of the tour guides were hilarious and it was so exciting riding Vespas, it was one of our favorite days in Florence!

Opps I tipped…

Shane, Cassie, Kendal and I

Wine Tasting!

The Group


One Response to “Vespa Riding Through Tuscany…”

  1. barbara Abel April 26, 2011 at 11:47 am #

    So lucky to experience Italy with a cute Italian and your friends!!

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