Almalfi Coast!

17 May

So this may be a little delayed, but now that I finally have some time I figured I should finish talking about my adventures I missed! Over one of my best friend Chelsea’s 21st birthday weekend, we went to the Almalfi Coast in Northern Italy to celebrate! We started by taking a boat to reach the island of Capri, but on our way we switched into a smaller boat to enter the Blue Grotto. It was SO beautiful, the water was very clear and electric blue! Once we got into Capri, we hiked to the top to go limoncello tasting and watch the shoemakers make custom leather sandals. We took a convertible limo back down the hill and saw the amazing views of the island! That night Chelsea turned 21 and we celebrated with dinner and later went to the English Inn bar. The next day we woke up early and headed to Positano. This was one of my favorite days abroad, and reminded me a little of home which was much needed at that point in my stay! It was a really cute little beach city, with colorful houses built on the cliffs and little stores squeezed in the town. We bought cheap, but delicious panini and drank frozen lemonade as we laid out on the beach. We even got some entertainment watching an American student try to teach a very greased up Italian how to play football haha! On our way back to Florence we stopped in Pompeii. It was an incredible experience, after hearing so much about the ancient city it was crazy to walk through the preserved ruins!


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