back to america…

17 May

I can’t believe my time studying abroad is over! I feel like I have been dreaming of this adventure ever since I saw my sister Jacqui take off for Sevilla five years ago. While there were times I missed home, my time in Italy flew by! To think that I have been living in Florence for four months, and am officially a SENIOR (ah!) is crazy! It is definitely bitter sweet, I can’t wait to get home and see all of my friends and family. However, I have had an amazing time in Italy and I know I will miss it almost immediately! I will miss all of the amazing friends I have made, the man playing music outside of my house everynight, sitting in the Piazza drinking cappuccinos, traveling the world every weekend and of course all of the food and wine : )  Although I didn’t learn as much Italian as I expected, I discovered so much about a completely different way of life that I will never forget. I would definitely urge everyone to visit Florence, and especially students thinking of studying abroad to come, its the BEST CITY EVER : ) Florence I will miss you, but California here I come!!!

While this may be the end of my Italian adventure, the blog will continue!! Up next…TEXAS : )


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