17 May

Sorry for the delay, I just got back to California after traveling with my sister Jacqui around Europe! She stayed in Florence for two nights to meet all of my friends and check out my favorite places. We even tried squeezing into my tiny European bed, but after one night we decided to check into a hotel to start our adventure off right. After I finished my finals we went out with a group of my friends and roommates to our favorite restaurant (Yellow Bar for spicy pasta, of course), and met everyone in our program to say goodbye! After shoving my life for four months into ONE suitcase, we headed to the train station to begin our journey! Our overnight train experience started out great, we were in a six-person cabin with only three other women around our age. Then smelly man walked in, you literally could not breathe. It was so bad it was funny haha. We made it into Vienna, Austria early and spent the day exploring the town! It was a cool city, with some beautiful architecture. We went to the Freud museum, an art museum, and walked around the gardens. The next day we took another train to Salzburg, another city in Austria that was AMAZING. It was one of my favorite cities while studying abroad; it had a small town feel and was very green. We got very touristy and did the Sound of Music tour right away, which gave us a feel for the city. The next day a mining tour, which was interesting considering our tour guide only spoke German haha. That night we went to a beer hall that used to be a church! We had such an amazing time in Austria, but after a few days we were definitely ready for some regular food. While in most other countries items on the menu look somewhat familiar, in Austria the food was completely foreign. When we tried to make a random guess one night at dinner I ended up with a flat fried chicken and Jacqui got a hot dog rolled in bacon filled with cheese (ew!) haha. From Austria, was made our way to Budapest. We showed up to our hostel terrified with what we had gotten ourselves into, our hostel was on the third floor of what looked like a sex shop and kabob stand! However, everyone at the hostel ended up being very friendly. We walked around exploring the city and shared a delicious hummus dish for dinner! The next morning Jacqui brought me on a cave spelunking trip. I expected to casually walk through caves, hearing about the history, the usual tour. But oh no, this was intense, crawling army style through tiny tiny holes I never thought I could fit through kind of caving. Lets just say this kind of tour would never fly in America! It was definitely a scary experience, but I am so so glad I did it!! Our last activity was the Bath Houses. While you may be imagining a luxurious spa-like environment like I was, you would be wrong. However, after I got over the fact that I was bathing with old, pot bellied Hungarian men, we were able to relax and have a great time soaking in the baths! Jacqui and I had an amazing time traveling Europe together, with our similar go-go –go personalities we saw it all and had so much fun together! Since we are both so busy living in different states, it was a great experience being able to spend so much time traveling together!

Jacqui on the Ponte Vecchio!

Our Overnight Cabin



Sound of Music Tour!

Traveling with a Toddler

The gave me holy water in a Jager Bottle…hmmm

View from the Salzburg Castle

Beer Hall




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