The Kitchen[Next Door]

2 Nov

I am in a public relations course and was given the assignment to start a campaign for a local Boulder business. I have always loved the restaurant The Kitchen on Pearl Street, so I figured they would be a great choice. My group and I met with the person in charge of their PR and learned that they do so much more for the community then serve great food. They hold a “Community Day” every Monday at their more causal restaurant adjacent to The Kitchen called The Kitchen[Next Door]. On Community Day 100% of every kids meal goes towards creating gardens in a local elementary school. The Kitchen also recently strated a nonprofit organization called “The Community”. The organization strives to create “learning gardens,” which are part of the school playground, in elementary schools to connect kids to real food. If you ever get a chance to visit Boulder and try The Kitchen, I would definitely recommend their famous tomato soup! However, their menu seasonally so there are a few dishes like their pumpkin stew I can’t wait to try. I never knew giving back could be so delicious : )

Here are some pictures I got from their website The Kitchen

Learning Garden in Denver

Delicious Tomato Soup


One Response to “The Kitchen[Next Door]”

  1. Barbara November 2, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    So cool!!

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