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This is why I love Boulder..

21 Sep

While I have been trapped studying at Norlin Library all day, I decided to take a little study break on facebook (per usual). I was flipping through pictures and this one reminded me of one of the reasons why I love Boulder: the flatirons. My friends and I try to go at least once a week, since it is unreal we live five minutes away from something so beautiful. I can’t say we also get oudoorsy and hike every time, but it is so relaxing to roll down your windows and drive to the top to look over the city. This picture is from our last trip : )


Pure Barre

14 Sep

Being active has always been a big part of my life since growing up jumping from soccer game to tennis match and now from running to kickboxing to yoga. However, I can’t say dancing is one of my skills. I did give it a try at age five (okay I tried again at the awkward age of 10), but I quickly discovered I am just more athletic than graceful.  However, that didn’t stop me from accepting a friend’s invitation to try the new workout craze around Boulder, Pure Barre (similar to the Bare Method). It is essentially a ballet inspired workout that focuses on fat burning and toning. While I probably looked somewhat out of place getting into the dance-like positions, It was actually really fun! So if anyone is looking to switch it up from the normal gym workout, you should definitely try it out!

Pure Barre Website


13 Sep

In my mind there is only one day a year that gives Christmas a run for its money, game day. This year it seems everyone was ready to start the year off with a bang and go all out for football season.  Not only was the hill covered in black and gold, but students actually stayed to watch the game! This may seem normal at other schools, but at CU the team is lucky to see student fans past the third quarter. Even though we lost to CAL 33-36, it was an exciting game. Lets hope we have more luck next week against CSU, GO BUFFS!

SO close!!

Back to the Blog!

4 Aug

So while my life isn’t nearly as exciting as visiting a new country every weekend now that I am back to the real world, I have decided what better time to continue my blog! I have spent most of my summer interning at Tar-jay, and now with only a week left I am getting ready to go back to school. I know tons of other college students will be finishing up internships very soon and I recently read a great article about the most important things to do before you leave! Check it out: